Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-04 (Episode 58)

Well, Super Bowl LI is going to happen sometime later today and the Patriots will win 33-30! I know this result is inevitable because I have those numbers in my pool. Regardless of the outcome, Tales From The Drop Box Episode 58 is going to rock a little differently this week. If  you are looking for more eccentric selections of musical compositions not likely to be found on radio but perhaps in a drop box near you soon – then you are in for a treat! A whole hour of sweet treats from dream folk to punk rock with a healthy dose of power pop this week. You’ll get the garage punk rock version next week for the reason below.

There are also no social issues or political rants in these show notes and nor will appear in the future  – you’ll have to go to the blog for those musings. Why? I am trying to keep the peace in a clearly divided political environment and I believe music should heal and not divide. I recently learned from Russell H. that several persons whom view the world differently from me (shocking!!!) were having issues with my altered viewpoint on several social and political issues in the show notes and also with my humble efforts to promote change through discussion and analysis of those various issues.

I am not going to stop writing about stuff I believe is worth discussing or commenting on. I am just going to put my thoughts in a discrete place on the Tales From The Drop Box blog so those who are interested can still access them. My opinions in prior show notes was interfering with some listeners enjoyment of the music in this podcast, which is the very reason I put this thing out. A podcast with no listeners, well, that would be a terrible thing. It would be like….radio. I believe that discourse on current, relevant and important issues is necessary for the common good because one voice added to another promote change and prevents injustice.  I’m just going to put that discourse in a better place.

So, if you are interested in the ravings of an unsound mind, click the link in this podcast or head over to dropboxnotes.net and you can read my latest musings on issues that take my fancy.

On a sad musical note, Hellacopters guitarist Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist, who played for the Swedish garage rock greats for almost a decade died this week at age 40. I’ll play some Hellacopters in the next episode of Tales From The Drop Box so you can hear what a truly great band they were and how Dahlqvist’s guitar playing was essential to that band’s sound. Hellacopters were an exciting band to see live. A very sad day.

This episode is filled with power pop and some lighter tunes to brighten your day. So, turn the music up loud …

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #58:

  1. Tasseomancy – “29 Palms” (Do Easy)
  2. Surfer Blood  “Snowdonia” (Snowdonia)
  3. Palace – “Bitter” (So Long Forever)
  4. Bridges And Powerlines – “Even Killers Need A Home” (National Fantasy)
  5. Close Lobsters – “Under London Skies” (Desire And Signs EP)
  6. Goodbye Fairground – “Leaving The Green House” (I Don’t Belong Here Anymore)
  7. Pseudonym – “Only Life” (Pack of Lies)
  8. We-Are-Z- “Walkaway” (Animal)
  9. Summer Salt – “Summer Salt” (Going Native EP)
  10. Tuns – “Back Among Friends” (Tuns)
  11. Half-Hearted Hero – “Dreams” (Isn’t Real)
  12. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – “Snake Eyes” (Modern Ruin)
  13. Vanishing Life – “Thinking Weightless” (Surveillance)
  14. Lords of The New Church – “Johnny Too Bad” (Is Nothing Sacred?)
  15. Wildheart  “Heal” (Shine)

You’re just robbin’ and stabbin’ and lootin’ and shooting’ you’re too bad … again and again your breaking me down…why am I bitter bitter bitter.


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