Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-05 (Episode 59)

As promised the all (most) all punk version of Tales From The Drop Box. Episode 59 is full of short sharp tracks designed to get your blood boiling, your feet stomping, and start a fight. Some pretty diverse stuff in this episode from the razor gargle of Aurélie from Cocaine Piss to the smooth vocal styling of T.S.O.L’s Jack Grisham. Oh, and there is some occasional swearin’ (see e.g. Ant-Flag ) and possibly socially inappropriate content (Dead Furies) in this episode. So, if you are sensitive, or have children listening to this thing that may be impressionable…then you’ve been warned, eh?

This should cure your post Super Bowl blues. As always…play LOUD!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #59:

  1. Cocaine Piss – “Shiny Pants” (The Dancer)
  2. Angel Du$t – “Upside Down” (Rock The Fuck On Forever)
  3. The Menzingers – “Thick As Thieves” (After The Party)
  4. Sleaford Mods – “Moptop” (English Tapas)
  5. Remainders – “Two Twenty Two” (Remainders)
  6. Noiise – “Passing Time” (The Real Enemy)
  7. T.S.O.L. – The Right Side” (The Trigger Complex)
  8. Dead Furies – “No Talkin’ All Action” (No Talkin’ All Action)
  9. Stuck On The Bridge – “What’s Wrong With You” (Long Live Hard Decisions)
  10. Wyldlife – “Bandida” (Out On Your Block)
  11. Goodfella – “Exterminate” (Don’t Blink)
  12. WSTR – “Nail The Casket (Thanks For Nothing) (Red, Green or Inbetween)
  13. Anti-Flag – “Die For The Government” (Live, Vol. 1)
  14. Hellacopters – “Television Addict” (Cream of the Crap! Vol. 1)
  15. Ubik – “Shiver” (Ubik Demo)

I held up a liquor store demanded top-shelf metaphors with a sinner’s smile and open arms drop a line to charm the silent alarm… His lawyer said ‘this boy is sick’ ‘blame the ratings for his crime’ they say too much sex and too much violence on the idiot box spoiled his idiot mind.


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