Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-06 (Episode 60)

Here you go. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 60 returns with another odd ball assortment of songs about subjects not popularly found in contemporary indie-pop-punk-alternative music. A large bunch of tunes from foreigners in this episode should keep things interesting. As always a few punk nuggets but they are balanced with a remarkable bunch of catchy indie pop tracks and a couple of non-hipster cool throwbacks. Of particular note are tracks from Plumtree (whose album catalog is being reissued), Beachheads (formed by members of a black metal act Kvelertak who have put out a garage rock record that is uniformly excellent), and the sophomore record from LA’s Meatbodies. You should find something in this bunch of tunes that shakes your action. If not….check your pulse to see if you are not already dead.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #60:

  1. Plumtree – “Scott Pilgrim” (Plumtree Vinyl Bundle reissues)
  2. Tokyo Police Club – “The Ocean” (Mellon Collie & The Infinite Radness Parts One and Two)
  3. Talisco – “The Race” (Capitol Vision)
  4. A Projection – “No Light” (Framework)
  5. Beachheads – “Una” (Beachheads)
  6. Steady Hands – “Grace” (Rude Boys of Bar Rock)
  7. Uranium Club – “That Clown’s Got A Gun” (All Of Them Naturals)
  8. Shivery Shakes – “Strange Houses” (Three Waves And A Shake)
  9. The Poppers – “In The Morning” (Lucifer)
  10. The Sherlocks – “Was It Really Worth It? (Was It Really Worth It?)
  11. High Contrast – “Shotgun Mouthwash” (T2 Trainspotting (OST))
  12. Meatbodies – “Creature Feature” (Alice)
  13. Ryan Adams – “We Disappear” (Prisoner)
  14. The Stooges – “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (Gimme Danger: The Story of The Stooges)
  15. Sleater Kinney – “Dig Me Out” (Live In Paris)

You’re always right and I’m always wrong you’re always right and I’m always left holding on to the handles of excuses . . . yeah I had a little too much to drink yeah it goes down a little faster than I think.


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