Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-11 (Episode 65)

Back in the groove after last week’s special episode highlighting the Jam. I had some good feedback, so there is another “special” episode in the works to be released next month. However, to keep the ball rolling, and because it is always a good time for a mostly punk rock episode, Tales From The Drop Box Episode 65 offers a slice of new and somewhat new dynamic punk rock that should give you a good feel for the current state of the punk-garage rawk nation. As nationwide political dissent ramps up for a 4 year fight, I should be able to bring you some other interesting goodies later this year. Hopefully the sun is shining wherever you decide to listen to this episode and there is good weather ahead …

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #65:

  1. Dog Party – “Round ‘n Round” (‘til you’re mine)
  2. Dr. Chan – SANnnnK$$$” ($outh$ide $uicide)
  3. Audacity – “Counting The Days” (Hypervessels)
  4. Black Doldrums – “Sidewinder” (People’s Temple)
  5. Barbazons – “I’m in Luv” (Barbazonia)
  6. Jim & The French Vanilla – “When You’re Down” (Afraid of the House)
  7. Deadends – “Directions” (The Essence of Every Second)
  8. F.O.D. – “American” (Harvest)
  9. Career Suicide – “Cut and Run” (Machine Response)
  10. Grit – “Rundown Town” (GRIT Ghost Estates 7’’)
  11. Dude York – “Something In The Way” (Sincerely)
  12. Uniform – “The Killing of America” (Wake in Fright)
  13. J.D. Buhl – “Do Ya Blame Me” (Little Victories 1978-1985)
  14. Buzzcocks – “Breakdown” (Small Songs With Big Hearts – Live At The Rainbow)
  15. Ratboys – “Bugs” (AOID)

Under the weather looking for shelter inside the eye of the storm… I can stand austerity but it gets a little much when there’s all these livid things that you never get to touch


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