Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-12 (Episode 66)

Happy day after Saint Patrick’s Day! A little sumthin sumthin new from Tales From The Drop Box! Episode 66 is a pop flavored adventure of a bunch of bands I am really digging the tuneage from this week. As this episode might be wiretapped by the Obama administration, please listen in a sealed soundproof room. Nothing serious in this bunch of tunes – just a pretty bouncy romp with catchy tunes, and of course your own Mr. Belding serving up slabs of information of little relevance except to vinyl collectors and music nerds. However, that shouldn’t detract from the feel good nature of most of these tracks. So, stay green all year round.

Oh.. and here is my final 4 – Villanova, Kansas, UCLA, and Arizona.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #66:

  1. Bleached – “Can You Deal?” (Can You Deal? EP)
  2. Hornal – “Running Away (with Sophie Ellis-Baxter) (The Game Begins With The Lights Out)
  3. The Matinee – “Figure It Out” (Dancing On Your Grave)
  4. Moon Tapes – “Surf Song” (Dos)
  5. Poni Hoax – “Lights Out” (Tropical Suite)
  6. Bay Faction – “Capture Cows” (Bay Faction)
  7. Minus The Bear – “Last Kiss” (Voids)
  8. Gemini Club – Stolen Time” (End Of Your Life)
  9. Funeral Suits – “Temple” (Islands Apart)
  10. Natewantstobattle – “Live Long Enough To Become The Hero” (Sandcastle Kingdoms)
  11. Rackets – “Swan Song” (Walking The Skeleton)
  12. Communions – “Midnight Child” (Blue)
  13. Summer Moon – “Class A” (With You Tonight)
  14. Au Pairs – “Sex Without Stress” (Au Pairs – Shocks To The System)
  15. Cayetana – “Mesa” (Camp Cope & Cayetana – Split [7”])

Pretty little child, tell me your tale how you got the courage to rebel yell …I’m really feeling cheated oh baby go hard on me I am the only one, they’re sellin’ it all for free


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