Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-13 (Episode 67)

Well another week and another awesome (early positive spin!) episode of Tales From The Drop Box! Episode 67 starts violently – with some off color language, so be forewarned if sensitive listeners are around. As for my thoughts on healthcare, (I am awaiting the house vote which looks like it may not happen again today), I believe that affordable access to healthcare is a right guaranteed to all of us. This rational emanates from the social contract i.e. access to healthcare is part of the bargain that we make when we agree to engage in societal behavior i.e. one nation . . indivisible…with liberty and justice for all. Failure to provide access to healthcare interferes with our liberty interest. No matter where you are from, a civilized society makes healthcare affordable for all of its people. This includes, obviously, your musical healthcare. You can access the most advanced treatment for free by just pressing play!

N.B. Again, here is the sensitive listener warning. Several of the tracks in this episode utilize either the F-word, the C-Word or both at the same time and may also contain a couple of other words that also have letters in them that some people still consider offensive, such as politics, etc. So, if you are around people who might be sensitive (because if you are listening to this podcast you are probably not that sensitive), be kind, and turn up the volume so they too can share in the enjoyment! The * indicates those tracks, eh? For example, you probably guessed that the Cancerslug track might be one of these “sensitive listener” tracks.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #67:

  1. Mobina Galore – “Suffer” (Feeling Disconnected)*
  2. Trunkweed – “Rather Be” (You Are A Nice Surprise)
  3. Danko Jones – “Going Out Tonight” (Wild Cat)
  4. Idles – “Rachel Khoo” (Brutalism)
  5. The Peacocks – “Around and Around” (Flamingo)
  6. Hideout – “Sun Gazer” (So Many Hoops, So little Time)
  7. Amyl and the Sniffers – “I’m Not A Loser” (Big Attraction)*
  8. Dams of the West – “Polo Grounds” (Youngish American)
  9. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Colours Run” (The French Press EP)
  10. Mystery Weekend – “The Obscenity Prayer” (Surprise!)*
  11. Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel – “Let Me Be” (When The Morning Greets You)
  12. Hollow Coves – “Coastline” (Wanderlust)
  13. Cancerslug – “Die on the Battlefield” (Fuck This Bullshit: This is Cancerslug)*
  14. The Alley Cats – “Nothing Means Nothing Anymore” (Urgh! A Music War)
  15. Coathangers – “Captain’s Dead” (Parasite)*

I’m on the outside watching in silence and in anger, I will, I know, I’ll suffer through this . . . I know we had a good time, I know what’s good, right? and I’ll see you on the other side


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