Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-14 (Episode 68)

So, here you have another exciting episode of Tales From The Drop Box and it is special because in Episode 68 you’ll learn about how Mr. Belding feels when he is not invited to Nate’s bachelor party. Don’t be alarmed it is all in fun as we are all very happy for Nate! As with all episodes of Tales From the Drop Box, this episode is filled with great tunes by a bunch of artists that, for the most part, are not really well known outside of their own hometowns, all of which are likely genuinely loved by their friends and families (that statement would also include Cancerslug from last week’s episode). So, while Nate is partying in an undisclosed location because he feared I might actually attend (although he did let the state -Arizona – slip) I will still bring you joy! Nate, if you are reading or listening to this episode, I wish you joy as well because you and I both know that you have to return to work…. and I will still be here. The joy you feel from your bachelor party should last at least as long as the others in our office (who also, by the way, were not invited by your best man to this shindig i.e. right of passage), including me, are finished working you over! Words cannot describe how proud we are of you as you step forward shortly into a partnership where it is clear you will not be the boss. 😉

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #68:

  1. Lucy Spraggan – “All That I’ve Loved (For Barbara)” ( I Hope That You Don’t Mind Me Writing)
  2. Ten Fe – “Another Way” (Hit The Light)
  3. Ron Gallo – “Put The Kids To Bed” (Heavy Meta)
  4. Pink Turns To Blue – “NYC Breakdown” (The AERDT – Untold Stories)
  5. Old 97’s  “Jesus Loves You” (Graveyard Whistling)
  6. Knola – “Fabric” (To The Rhythm)
  7. Barbarisms – “Eternal Recur” (Browser)
  8. Wire – “Diamonds in Cups” (Silver/Lead)
  9. Free Cake For Every Creature – “Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)(2 Love Songs)
  10. Guided By Voices – “Absent The Man” (August By Cake)
  11. Dominic – “Circular Sign” (Goodnight, Doggies)
  12. The Narcotic Daffodils – “Bruxelles” (Summer Love)
  13. Iguana Death Cult – “The Dreamer” (The First Stirrings of Hideous Insect Death)
  14. Devo – “ (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo)
  15. Allison Crutchfield – “I Don’t Wanna Leave California” (Tourist In This Town)

Jesus loves you more than I do just because He doesn’t know you not like I do . . . put the kids to bed I need you to lie beside me remind me that I’m dead

P.S. for Nate: Really – have a terrific time this weekend! I completely understand the importance of this last traditional bonding experience, and while I’m sure it will be fun, your marriage to Michelle is going to be a blast! We (Angel, Patrick, and I) will go easy on you when you get back into town. Our wives all told us we had to!

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