Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-25 (Episode 79)

Happy birthday to my sister Shelagh and congratulations and love to my three children: Caitlin, Kieran & Justin who all graduated from college this year! Kieran graduated last month, Caitlin graduated last week, and Justin walks this weekend! Tales From The Drop Box Episode 79 has absolutely no music my children or my sister will love or appreciate. My sister is a little younger than me and she missed out by a smidge on the full on punk rock experience. My daughter is an musical outlier enjoying a mix of classical and chiptune – a true musical non-conformist. My sons, on the other hand, are hip hop, rap and radio pop fans.  They have all have rebelled against my parental influence. An awesome accomplishment as a parent!

So, with warm thoughts of people I care deeply about, I am compromising only slightly by playing yet another varied and exciting melodic episode full of weirdness and songs worthy of contemplation and which hopefully they will know that I play these songs only seeking to provide them with joy!  True, it is little light on the punk rock… but stay with me. Next week will rock much harder, eh? How do you know this episode signals the beginning of summer? Everything contained in it is (mostly) sunny and is truly packaged with love.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #78:

  1. The Buns – “Better than Nothing” (Out of Bounds)
  2. The Coronas – “Not What You Know” (Trust The Wire)
  3. Alt-J – “Deadcrush” (Relaxer)
  4. Monday Mistress – “Not For Sale” (Monday Mistress)
  5. Dave Not Dave – “Desire” (Choices Made While Dreaming)
  6. Dapple Cities – “In Light of No One” (IIIII)
  7. Delay Trees – “It’s Not Who You Are” (Let Go)
  8. Kasabian – “Wasted” (For Crying Out Loud (Deluxe Edition))
  9. Sea Pinks – “Places She Goes” (Watercourse)
  10. Dope Lemon – “Lovers Left To Die” (Hounds Tooth EP)
  11. Lucky Boys Confusion – “It’s After Midnight” (Stormchasers)
  12. Rubella Ballet – “Plastic Life” (Never Mind The Day-glo – Here’s Rubella Ballet)
  13. Sunflowers – “Charlie Don’t Surf” (The Intergalactic Guide to Find The Red Cowboy)
  14. Off Broadway – “Stay in Time” (On)
  15. Kamikaze Girls – “Teenage Feelings” (Seafoam)

Stay in time boy don’t get out of line boy take a stand don’t get out of hand . . . If you don’t have the ace of hearts my dear, you’re a lost man


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