Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-30 (Episode 84)

International flavor for today’s episode. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 84 explores the mystery that is Gene Loves Jezebel. Not really, but it is better than focusing on the craziness that is American politics. Probably time to let the music speak, you know?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #84:

  1. Charmpit  “Vacation” (Jelly EP)
  2. Bonaparte – “Let It Ring” (The Return of Stravinski Wellington)
  3. Pom Poms – “Heart In A Suitcase” (Turn You Out)
  4. Mountain Goats – “Abandoned Flesh” (Goths)
  5. Gene Loves Jezebel – “Chase The Sun” (Dance Underwater)
  6. The Lapelles – “Seventeen” (The Lapelles)
  7. The Geezers – “New Day” (New Day)
  8. …. And The Hangnails – “Answering Machine” (Dog)
  9. The Bets – “We Are One Team” (Individual)
  10. Rejected – “Desperadio” (Suicide Hotline)
  11. Bubbles Erotica  “Make It Out Alive” (Bubbles Erotica)
  12. B Boys – “Energy” (Dada)
  13. Beach Slang – “Fifty Cigarettes//Future Mixtape For The Art Kids (Waterloo Day Parties, SXSW Festival March 3, 2015)
  14. New York Dolls  “Chatterbox” (Too Much Too Soon)
  15. Barb Wire Dolls – “We Are Champions” (Rub My Mind)

Take a jet and travel long walk home and on your own and she’s fine on something . . . All I want are records on my stereo I’m better off, baby, when I’m all alone, that’s a lie dirty cigarettes and a dirty soul

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