Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-31 (Episode 85)

I’m back. A little louder episode than normal. I think you’ll have a freakin’ awesome time this week. Louder, faster, shakier. Sweaty. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 85 has absolutely no social commentary related to the Trump administration and absolutely no comment on the fact that the “Mooch” lasted only 11 days and in that time managed to make us forget Spicer held the same freakin’ job. For those who voted for Trump, “ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Good night!”

This quote acknowledges that for a single moment in time, Johnny Rotten was clever and self-aware unlike the current FPOS.  In some regard the current administration is reminiscent of the Sex Pistols – a train wreck and will be so to the very end. Lost in all this is the policy that makes the country run. When FPOS figures out that the theater of the absurd is not going to get anything accomplished, then maybe some of the policies will get some life. I predict a riot before that will happen. When Johnny spoke those famous words at the end of the last Sex Pistols concert at the Winterland Theater in San Francisco, on January 14, 1978 foreshadowing the immediate breakup of the band – he recognized that the end was at hand. Can’t say that the current court jester running the country has any self-awareness. Sad. #ResistStupidity

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #85:

  1. Pet Crow – “Shake It Out” (A Simple Guide To Small And Medium Pond Life)
  2. Vundabar – “Bust” (Gawk)
  3. Bummer’s Eve – “Teenage Cream” (Bummer’s Eve)
  4. Beartooth – “Hated (Acoustic) (Aggressive)
  5. Have Mercy  “Baby Grand” (Make The Best Of It)
  6. Dadar – “Shitstorm” (Dadar)
  7. Droughts – “God City” (Stay Behind)
  8. St. Pierre Snake Invasion – “Appendages” (Too Pure Singles Club Part 1)
  9. Beat Soft Pop  “Lovers Moon” (First Base Tapes: First Kiss Compilation)
  10. The Dirty Nil – “Cinnamon” (Cinnamon b/w Guided By Vices 7’’)
  11. Slates  “Orange Light” (Summery)
  12. The You And What Army Faction – “Slave Magik” (Rite)
  13. City Kids Feel The Beat – “Stories” (Stories)
  14. The Undertones – “Jump Boys” (The Undertones)
  15. Art School Jocks – “Suffering Prom” (Art School Jocks)

There’s a bulls-eye painted on our chests in the crosshairs of the ignorant but I am not your scapegoat anymore . . . Make a list of everyone you knew and tell me all the ones that you held onto.


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