Just For Fun Concerts EP 2017-32 (Episode 86)

Second episode in less than a week. Tales From The Drop Box Episode 86 is a bit of a left (or is that a right) turn. A little poppy, a little mellow. Not sure quite what I was feeling when I selected these tunes. Perhaps I was feeling a little nostalgic, as I was listening to the Brinsley Schwartz last and up until now unreleased record “It’s All Over Now.” The Brinsley’s all went on to bigger and better things but this record is a lost gem:  Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm as solo artists, guitarist Brinsley Schwarz and Bob Andrews as the nucleus of The Rumour, and Billy Rankin as a member of Big Jim Sullivan’s Tiger. Ah… nostalgia. Those very soft country rock and pop leanings are likely the inspiration for the selections in this episode. Not that Episode 86 has any country rock or 70’s inspired pop. It Doesn’t. Rather, what you are getting is a bunch of “nice” tunes for a sunny Saturday in LA, or wherever you are from. Stay chill.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #86:

  1. Sue The Night – “Wonderland” (Wanderland)
  2. All Time Low  “Good Times” (Last Young Renegade)
  3. One Day After School – “Escape Notes” (The Invisible)
  4. Pierce Brothers – “Take Me Out” (The Records Were Ours)
  5. Rozwell Kid  “MadTV” (Precious Art)
  6. Chain & The Gang  “Come Over” (Best of Crime Rock)
  7. Captain, We’re Sinking – “Hunting Trip” (The King of No Man)
  8. Pie Warmer – “Fucked If I Know” (The Fearsome Feeling)
  9. Gnarwolves – “Argument” (Outsiders)
  10. Rat Columns – “Dream Tonight” (Candle Power)
  11. Superchunk  “The Majestic” (Cup Of Sand)
  12. Never Say Never – “Never Better” (No Filter)
  13. Hippocampus  “Vines” (Landmark)
  14. Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – “Orphans” (The Definitive Story of CBGBs (The Home of U.S. Punk)
  15. The Chandler Estate  – “El Camino Real” (Infrastructure)

If I wanna be abused I only need to make a run at you, you know the fastest way to make my skin bruise . . . I never want to leave this sunset town but one day the time may come
and I’ll take you at your word and carry on


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