Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-01 (Episode 102)

That was the lengthiest lay off I have taken in a couple of years. It was a very busy time for me over the past month and a half, but you’ll be glad to know, I am back and excited about another season of Tales From the Dropbox! I have got a mix of really new stuff and some tunes from the recent past for you to discover and enjoy. All are dropbox worthy (in my humble opinion). I am particularly excited about the new albums from Dead! and DZ Deathrays, as well as my recent stumble upon Beaches, an all-female psych rock group from down under who are a female version of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Not sure why they didn’t hit my radar, but they are definitely on it now.

So, with this being the day after Super Bowl Sunday, why not start today with Episode 102 of Tales from the Dropbox?

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #102:

  1. Rainer Maria  “Possession” (Rainer Maria)
  2. DZ Deathrays – “Shred For Summer” (Bloody Lovely)
  3. Dead! – “Petrol & Anesthetic” (The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying)
  4. Yungblud – “King Charles” (Yungblud EP)
  5. Remy – “Coco Pebbles” (Remy)
  6. Oh Sees – “Cadaver Dog” (Orc)
  7. Honey Joy  “All We Need: (Honey Joy)
  8. Braggarts – “Spleen” (Exploring New Stars)
  9. The Gotobeds – Annette’s Got The Hits” (Definitely Not A Red Kross EP)
  10. Beaches – “Void” (Second Of Spring)
  11. Surf Rock Is Dead – “Everything They Said” (We Have No Friends)
  12. Fruit & Flowers – “Subway Surfer” (Drug Tax)
  13. Muskets – “Could You Wait” (Chew)
  14. Red Cross – “I Hate My School” (Red Cross EP)
  15. Naked Naps – “Torn Corners” (Year Of The Chump)

I got a skull sits on the mantle crawl up from hell talk to the devil … I am a grenade, you are a metal grate I throw myself at you but I will not break you are the bloody boot pressed into my head you are the reason that they don’t care…


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  1. Cool tunes Mr. KFR
    love the beaches is that a future new dropbox item
    like that you got the surf rock is dead is on the list
    posted on my facebook

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