Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-02 (Episode 103)

I am pretty psyched up about Episode 103 of Tales From The Drop BoxEpisode 103 is a mix of slightly old tunes from the middle to end of last year and some fresh (like from last week fresh) new stuff. Like last week’s episode, the variety should keep you guessing as to what is coming next and leave you at the end wanting more. Melbourne’s The Bennies just released a pretty awesome record from which you get to hear a track, Toronto’s The Beaches debut LP is full of catchy punk flavored pop rock, and I have brought the fuzz with Venice Italy’s New Candy’s gloom psych pop. Lastly, I am revisiting a track from the Beat (billed in the U.S. and Canada as the English Beat) and it is my all-time favorite track from them. So, lace up your shorts and let’s get kicking!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #103:

  1. Chastity Belt – “Caught In A Lie” (I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone)
  2. The Suburbs – “Hey Muse!” (Hey Muse!)
  3. Sonic Death – “Diamond Cola” (Space Goth)
  4. Dumptruck – “Talk” (Wrecked)
  5. The Bennies – “Destination Unknown” (Natural Born Chillers)
  6. The Dears – “I’m Sorry That I Wished You Dead” (Times Infinity Volume 2)
  7. New Candys  “The outrageous Wedding” (Bleeding Magenta)
  8. Typhoon – “Remember” (Offerings)
  9. Dog Slaughter Beach – “Gold And Green” (Birdie)
  10. Kelly Stoltz – “Get Over” (Que Aura)
  11. Subliminal Landmines – “Numbskull” (Destination Nowhere)
  12. The Beaches – Money” (Late Show)
  13. Brian Fallon – “Forget Me Not” (Sleepwalkers)
  14. The English Beat – “End Of The Party” (Special Beat Service)
  15. Thea & The Wild – “Dark Horse” (Ikaros)

She said to leave it till the end of the party do it now, you know there’s never a next time . . . you’re caught in a lie living someone else’s dream no one takes you that seriously


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