Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-03 (Episode 104)

In the aftermath ( and I’m not truly sure “aftermath” is the correct word to describe my feelings) of this President’s day, which was a stark reminder that better Presidents of The United States are part of our history and will hopefully be part of our country’s future, I bring you the latest installment of Tales From The Drop Box! Episode 104 is a bit louder than the norm, but still all good I can assure you. Oh, and a little more eclectic than usual as you can probably tell from the inclusion of both Wilco and The Selecter – back to back. There is still several tunes from last year mixed into this episode but I front loaded this thing with some new tunes, such as the Wombat’s latest and a catchy track from the Dead Deads. In what has turned out to be a rare move, I have also included something that might actually get played on radio i.e. a better track from the latest Nothing But Thieves record than the whiny song about being a drunk loser (you know as “Sorry”).

On a much more serious note, and in the wake (literally) of the tragedy last week in Parkland, Florida, I was reminded of the Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan in Paris and the power of their return to Paris a couple of months later to play a show at the Olympia. I think you’ll also be moved by the power of this track and the moment in the middle of it which is a reminder that we must keep moving forward to escape our grief. As I have previously written at length in these notes about meaningful gun control, I believe we must keep revisiting that message even though it has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears because at some point public opinion will change and there will be action. Maybe the student movement will stimulate such call to action to prevent future tragedies. I truly hope we don’t experience the life altering sadness of another gun tragedy, but I know we will. I also know that only one thing can create positive change – voting.

Rather than leave you with a bummer, Episode 104 is designed to pick you up and move you forward…. forcefully.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #104:

  1. Pale Honey – “Replace Me” (Devotion)
  2. Nonsum – “Cry” (Nonsum)
  3. Ought – “Disgraced In America” (Room Inside The World)
  4. The Dead Deads – “Ghosts” (Sketches and Animation)
  5. Wombats – “Lemon To A Knife Fight” (Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life)
  6. Nothing But Thieves – “I Was Just A Kid” (Broken Machine)
  7. The Darts – “Strange Days” (Me. Ow.)
  8. Beachheads – “Una” (Beachheads)
  9. Broadside – “Tunnel Vision” (Paradise)
  10. Aviator – “I Wanna Make Movies, Heather” (Loneliness Leaves The Light on For Me)
  11. Monster Treasure – “Neon Garden” (II)
  12. Tomb of Nick Cage – “Vampire’s Kiss” (T.O.N.C.)
  13. Eagles of Death Metal –“ I Only Want You (Live)” (I Love You All The Time – Captured Live At The Olympia Paris)
  14. Wilco – “Gun (Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96)” (Being There (Deluxe Edition))
  15. The Selecter – “Paved With Cold” (Daylight)

Just don’t tell me which way I oughta run or what good I could do anyone ’cause my heart it was a gun but it’s unloaded now . . . I’m not really interested in what’s in your heart I don’t want you to fall in love now so please don’t start . . .


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