Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-04 (Episode 105)

Boom! Here you have Tales From The Drop Box Episode 105.  I’m not sure why the slight delay in giving you this episode, so if you were waiting for a period that felt too long, then I am sorry. No one should have to wait for good music.

As usual it is all good stuff with the latest from Mind Spiders and Ty Segall with a pretty good mix of some things from last year that I just didn’t get around to playing for you. There is a tendency to focus on new, but I have consciously tried to keep the focus on good and if that includes some tracks from last year, then oh well, I think you’ll find that you can still purchase the album and in some cases at a cheaper price. I went for full on variety this episode so rather than be impressed with the diversity – try focusing on the feel. Episode 105 should make you feel good, even if some of the tracks are somewhat dark – okay – it’s violently dark. (See, e.g. “When Mommy Kills You”, Self-Loathing, and “Silver Turns to Rust.” ) I even found for this episode a couple of bands that were definitely 90’s/early 2000’s relevant (The Ataris, Pigeon Detectives and The Movement) and worth a re-listen. Finally, as I can’t seem to get enough King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, I stuffed in a track from their 4th LP from last year.

It is only weird if you feel weird. So, put aside your prejudgments and turn up the volume.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #105:

  1. Wild Child – “Break You Down” (Expectations)
  2. Wild Cub – “Fire” (Closer)
  3. Katalina Kicks – “Guns” (Vices)
  4. Mind Spiders – “Deserve” (Furies)
  5. Mourn – “The Fire” (Over The Wall EP)
  6. Shaka Ponk – “Bunker” (The Evol’)
  7. Blieb Modern – “Self-Loathing” (Antagonism)
  8. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “The Castle In The Air” (Polygondwanaland)
  9. The Ataris – “Silver Turns To Rust” (Silver Turns To Rust)
  10. The Whisper Stream – “Your Day Is Coming” (Something’s Just Not Right)
  11. Ty Segall – “When Mommy Kills You” (Freedom’s Goblin)
  12. Bad Cop/Bad Cop – “Victoria” (Warriors)
  13. Pigeon Detectives – “Dick ‘ead”( Wait For Me (10th Anniversary Edition)
  14. The Movement – “Control Your Temper” (Move!)
  15. Weaves – “Law and Panda” (Wide Open)

Control your temper ’cause we got something that you wanted to be control your temper but then you realize nothing is free . . . . Fire, you’re on your own, your pretty eyes have seen enough we’ll go higher where I belong, the city lights are bright enough, to blind me…


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