Just For Fun Concerts EP 2018-05 (Episode 106)

Tales From The Drop Box Episode 106. It is not only March madness for college basketball. There is also some madness in this episode of Tales From The Drop Box as well! This week you will find the tracks harder edged than last week’s episode, with some real heat from Black Mekon, Pounders, and CH3. It is not all loud punk rock so don’t be afraid – I also inserted several slow burners a long the way so you don’t get too sweaty and to keep things interesting. From past experience, you should know that these shows are consistently diverse with the common theme being the “sugar” i.e. the sweet hooks in each track that grab your attention (at least those hooks grab mine). This may be the only politically correct way left to grab another person even if you have their permission now.

On a completely different note, I have just realized that rock radio is dying a swift death. In many cases, long-standing rock stations are being replaced by Christian radio. Why the death of rock radio? Perhaps it is because people get tired of such closed playlists. This show started because I couldn’t take the same songs being played repeatedly for a decade or more. It doesn’t have to be all new stuff, just find something different to play. There are albums we love from the past that would be cool to hear songs played from on the radio. You know, like if you heard “Police Truck” by the Dead Kennedys played on the radio, I assure you that event would be noticed. Rock music deserves a place on radio. You will find the true home of rock in the spirit of independent podcast producers, such as yours truly. The trend is obvious – shows like Tales From The Dropbox will be the only source to hear and experience new rock music before you purchase. So, if you get a chance, help a brother out and give this podcast a rating on iTunes or from wherever you download this thing from. Also, if you are so inclined, please let me know what you are thinking, what you want to hear, or just to smack talk me a bit, by dropping me a line at dropboxnotes.net, DM me on Instagram  @justforfunconcerts, or message me @jffconcerts on Twitter. I love hearing from you all.

So, control your temper with the soothing sounds of this episode!

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #106:

  1. Dream Wife – “Let’s Make Out” (Dream Wife)
  2. Black Rebel Motorcycle – “Spook” (Wrong Creatures)
  3. Dirty Sidewalks – “Never Wanted To Be loved” (Bring Down The House Lights)
  4. Iron Chic – “Thunderbolts!” (You Can’t Stay Here)
  5. The Academic – “I feel It Too” (Tales From The Back Seat)
  6. Shopping – “Asking For A Friend” (The Official Body)
  7. The Defects – “Hunter Versus Hunter” (Feed The Good Dog)
  8. Black Mekon – “Janey Was A Klepto” (One In The Hate)
  9. Pounders – “Say What You Want” (Through The Fire)
  10. Black Pussy – “Girlfriend” (Power)
  11. Black Pistol Fire – “Lost Cause” (Deadbeat Graffiti)
  12. CH3 – “Model Citizen” (Put Em Up)
  13. Noi!se – “So I Drift Away” (The Scars We Hide)
  14. Replacements – “Kiss Me On The Bus” (For Sale: Live at Maxwell’s 1986)
  15. Chrysta Bell – “52 Hz” (Chrysta Bell EP)

On the bus, that’s where we’re ridin’, on the bus, okay, don’t say hi, then your tongue, your transfer, your hand, your answer . . . waking up to start a fight you promised we’d be alright I don’t know which way we gotta turn…


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