Tales From The Drop Box Episode 175 (2020-23) The Pandemic/BLM/Vote Trump Out/ Episodes

Well, this is Day 2 of an expected 10 day heatwave roiling through Los Angeles. Yesterday was 112 degrees outside the bunker and today is expected to be 114 degrees. These will both break local records for the area in September. I’d probably care about climate change a little more if I could actually focus on it as an issue. However, given the undeniable importance of the upcoming election and with the inescapable conclusion that America’s problems now lie naked before the world, climate change does not seem that pressing of an issue.

If Trump is elected on November 3 (or shortly thereafter) there is little hope that American democracy, as we knew it before 2016, will survive another four years of the predicable chaos another Trump term will bring. The political divisions are simply too great to not expect a violent response from both the left and the right. Daily, new allegations and evidence of Trump’s scumbaggery arise. For example, this week’s headline Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ is yet another example of his vileness and yet there are still many Americans who believe this story, like every other story where Trump demonstrates his gross moral failings, is Fake News. It should be noted that many elements of the story were confirmed by Fox News – Trumps own Fake News network. It doesn’t matter. When evangelical Christians are willing to support Trump over Biden, you know the world is upside down. Follow your heart not your mind, because if you are still thinking of voting for Trump – you’ve lost your mind.

I know I shouldn’t care, but I am worried and I do care about the state of affairs for my children and their children. Americans are not better off under Trump. American’s are dying (over 1000 per day at last count) from Trump’s gross incompetence in handling the COVID-19 crisis. The predictable economic fallout from that failure is seeping throughout the national economy.

So, register to vote and vote. In California, it is very easy as it is online: California Online Voter Registration. Do me a favor, will ya? Register to vote where you live as you listen to Episode 175 of Tales From The Drop Box. I never thought I’d make it this far. If you don’t vote, America won’t make it much farther and the joke about this podcast being recorded in a bunker will no longer be a joke – it will be real.

Here is what you will find in Episode 175:

  1. Deer Park Avenue – “Hurts So Good” (Conscious Mess)
  2. Alex Cameron – “Far From Born Again (Demo)” (Miami Memories)
  3. Biffy Clyro – “Worst Type of Best Possible” (A Celebration of Endings)
  4. Batboner – “Chrysalis” (Batboner)
  5. Garrison – “Let’s Fight” (TV Or The Atom Bomb)
  6. Black Marble – “In Manchester” (I Must Be living Twice EP)
  7. The Fallaways – “Alive” (Sunset Ave)
  8. Alice Bag – “Spark” (Sister Dynamite)
  9. Runaway Nuns – “Antenna” (Spit)
  10. Vintage Crop – “Everyday Heroes” (Serve To Serve Again)
  11. Dens – “Learn” (Taming Tongues)
  12. Cable Ties – “Hope” (Far Enough)
  13. Acceptance – “Wildfires” (Wildfires)
  14. Superdrag – “Sucked Out” (Regretfully Yours)
  15. Janet Devlin – “Big Wide World” (Confessional)
Tales From The Drop Box Episode 175 (2020-23)

Sun is rising, in the city on a rooftop, feeling dizzy don’t look down, cause you’re ready now . . . Look around could it bring somebody down if I never made a sound again? In your eyes you’ve already spread my thighs . . .


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