Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-09 (Episode 13)

I guess this is the first all female vocal episode. Not sure why it took me so long to fully appreciate the power of the female vocal but it is likely subconscious. I have difficulty connecting with some female voices (you know who you are) and this might have influenced my appreciation of female singers. However, for some inexplicable reason, in the past month or so, I began accumulating a number of songs that moved me in some manner – all featuring female vocalists. In some cases these songs are filled with powerful, interesting and poignant messages and others are much more fluffy content. In all cases, these songs have “je ne sais quoi,” – perhaps it’s a spark that makes each of these songs unique and worth repeated listening. So, hopefully these songs will also make that special connection with you and with that spark … connect with your heart.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode # 13:

  1. Friends of Foes – “Dance in the Dark” (Faults EP)
  2. Muncie Girls – “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” (From Caplan to Belsize)
  3. Lucius – Gone Insane (Good Grief)
  4. Thao & the Get Down Stay Down – “The Evening” (A Man Alive)
  5. The Jezabels – “Smile” (Synthia)
  6. Flowers – “How Do You Do” (Everybody’s Dying to Meet You)
  7. Tuff Love – “Slammer” (Resort)
  8. Hurry Up – “Shit or Fuck” (Hurry Up)
  9. Polica – “Kind” (United Crushers)
  10. Unloved – Guilty of Love” (Guilty of Love)
  11. Feels – “Slippin” (Feels)
  12. Survival Soundtrack – “Snow” (Last the Winter)
  13. Tigertown – Lonely Cities (Lonely Cities EP)
  14. Witching Waves – Pitiless” (Crystal Café)
  15. Postiljonon – “Go! (Reverie)

You say I’m the one who’s gone insane …don’t tell me to smile you don’t know me brother.


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