Just For Fun Concerts EP 2016-10 (Episode 14)

Ahh…the ides of March. Not much significance to this date anymore except to those who have some passing interest in some long dead English guy they called “the Bard” (not the BART – that is a train system in the bay area of northern California). But the reference and significance to the warning by the soothsayer in Julius Caesar – a warning that was ignored by J.C. – may be apropos – today is the second “super” Tuesday of this presidential election season. The ides of March is significant for allegedly being the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC and his death marked a turning point in Roman history. This is also the date of the 2nd Watts riot in 1966 resulting in 2 deaths and the removal of all references to Watts along the 110 freeway for more than 40 years. The ides of March was a flare up from the original outbreak of racial violence lasting 6 day that occurred 8 months previously in August 1965. Hence the ides of March is a significant date in Los Angeles history.

In a similar manner this ides of March may also become one of the most significant dates in U.S. history.  The results of today’s democratic and republican primaries may portend a significant change in the future of these United States. As best sung by Matt Johnston (The The) “this is the day your life will surely change this is the day when things fall into place…”

If Trump and Hillary both win out today, then that particular race will be a news media wet dream as “good v. evil” will shape the process until November.

Wherever you stand, register to vote, and vote.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode #14:

  1. Aurora – “Runaway” (All My Demons Greeting Me As Trusted Friends)
  2. Glint – “Guided” (Inverter)
  3. Tracy Bryant – “Shining” (Subterranean)
  4. Cub Sport – “I Feel Bad Now” (This Is Our Vice)
  5. The Run Around – “Until the End” (Reckless One)
  6. Ulrika Spacek – “She’s A Cult” (The Album Paranoia)
  7. Night Knight – “God is a Motherfucker” (Night Knight)
  8. Pete Yorn – “Halifax” (Arranging Time)
  9. 1919 – “Death Note” (Death Note EP)
  10. Wintersleep – “Santa Fe” (The Great Detachment)
  11. Pilot Season – “Dirt” (The Space Between Us EP)
  12. The Feeling – “Spiraling” (The Feeling)
  13. Crater – “Ain’t Right” (Talk to Me So I Can Fall Asleep)
  14. Astronauts, Inc. – “If I Run” (Mind Out Wandering)
  15. Astropol – “Always You and Me” (The Spin Were In)

Terrorize the ones you love the most… I know your waiting for me sitting at the bus stop, waiting.

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