Tales From The Drop Box Episode 158 (2020-06) The Pandemic Episodes

Happy Mother’s Day! It is  a special day for many of us as we take time to appreciate the primary source of nurturing and love that also gave us life. This is not to say that fathers don’t provide nurturing love, they almost certainly do, but fortunately for most of us, moms are the endless fount of love. So, for all of you moms who have given their unwavering love, support and care for your child(ren) – enjoy your day. This episode is for the moms in my life and most importantly for my children’s mom, a special woman who has raised some intelligent, talented and loving children and who puts up with this overgrown child every single day! For those of you listening to this episode, why not share it with your mom…

Typical of this podcast, Episode 158 of Tales From the Drop Box is not a celebration of Mother’s Day. It is a little softer at the beginning but it slowly builds to that unpredictable chaotic diversity you’ve come to expect. So, as always rock the crap out of this one.

Here is what you’ll find in Episode 158:

  1. Charly Bliss – “Feed” (Supermoon)
  2. San Cisco – “Gone” (Flaws)
  3. Zuzu – “Get Off” (How It Feels)
  4. Violent Soho – “Lying On The Floor” (Everything is A-OK)
  5. The Amazons – “25” (Future Dust (Expanded Edition))
  6. The Big Moon – “Why” (Walking Like We Do)
  7. Miss Fortune – “No Hesitation” (Miss Fortune)
  8. Gaytheist – “The Dark Deep” (How Long Have I Been On Fire?)
  9. Flat Worms – “Plaster Casts” (Antarctica )
  10. Fire in the Radio – “Let’s Get to the Start” (Monuments)
  11. Fatal Blow – “Rich Man’s War” (Generals & Soldiers)
  12. The Cowboys – “The Human Puzzle” (Room of Clons)
  13. The Brotherhood & Co. – “The Devil You Know” (Simple As That)
  14. The Rats – “Can’t Stand Back” (In a Desperate Red)
  15. The Svetlanas – “Karma Soldier” (Disco Sucks)

I would feed the whole world I would feed the whole world if I could… I can’t live in my head / I gotta be outta my mind every time before bed . . .